Elena Wright-Custom Art Glass creates unique art glass to include fused, stained & cast glass, mosaics & glass collage.

Glass Art is Versatile

Stained Glass


I started my journey in the glass arts with leaded and copper foiled (Tiffany method) stained glass.  Then added more glass arts to my repertoire. 

Fused Glass Bowls, Platters, Panels


Once discovering I could melt glass at 1550 degrees and form it around 1220 degrees, glass fusing became a passion.   For me glass fusing includes sculpting in clay and then casting the sculptures in glass.

Glass Mosaics and Collage


The glass bug continued with stained glass and found object mosaics and glass collages.  I also paint with glass enamels firing designs into glass panels.

Visit My Downtown Studio


I am located in a vibrant arts community

My downtown studio is located at theArtWorks™, 200 Willard St., Wilmington, NC, 28401.  I am thrilled to be part of a 50+ artist community where our clients can find unique paintings, drawings, assemblages, sculptures, blown glass, ceramics, and my one-of-a-kind glass art.

We are open two days a week

If you stop by theArtWorks™ on a Friday, 11-7, or Saturday, 11-5, you will find an 1890s-1910 New Orleans vibe with streets filled with artists creating new works.  If you come on a 4th Friday evening, 6-9 pm, you will find a little food, some wine, and musical entertainment - for free!

We are in a fun neighborhood

When you visit theArtWorks™, you can also walk down the street and have a delicious wood-fired meal at Benny's Big Time Pizzaria, or grab a taco from the taco bar across the street from Benny's at the Satellite Bar.

TheArtWorks™ is gearing up for expansion

Visit theArtWorks™ frequently so you'll be one of the people to witness its transformation as the formal juried, 7,000+ square foot gallery nears completion and joins the already completed informal gallery.  Classroom space is also available.  A gift shop is in the planning stages.

My studio has expanded

When you visit, you can feel the creative vibrations emanating from all the studios.  I felt it so strongly, I'm in the process of enlarging my studio by another 190 square feet.

I hope you stop by

Think of theArtWorks and all of our art community as one of the destinations you should visit when in Southeastern North Carolina.  We're fun, the visit is free, everything is indoors, and we have our own parking lot next to the building on the Front St. side.

Contact Me!

I'd love to hear from you

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I love to meet the art lovers who enjoy glass art and appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary

I am available to meet with you during the open hours for theArtWorks™ or during a personal appointment

Elena Wright-Custom Art Glass

#7, Rue de Cassatt, theArtWorks™, 200 Willard St, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401, United States

(910) 232-3888

4th Fridays Every Month, 6:00 pm - 9:00pm - food, music, wine!